Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Deception #1

This is me speculating: This is what I see.....

What if....more men than you can possibly imagine operate on the DL, in other words, the Down Low? That is to say, what if a growing number of men are in the closet about their bi-sexuality and engage in sex on the down low and never intend to inform their girlfriends or wives. What if this "social engineering" is so popular that it converts many of the hetrosexual men to go retro "greek" and operate under the guise of "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." Will women ever be so clever as to pick up on these clues that men seem to be passing around with hand signs, tips of the hat, bowling outings, coded language, colored ties and special handkerchiefs?

I am decoding subtle and not so subtle messages in movies and slang, as well as from dedicated researchers, that point to a mass movement out there discussed between men only and encouraged in pyramid power structures like the Masons with the corrupt inner circle as a means to climb to the top, a way in to the inner circle and network of "Buddies". Call it "Doing it Greek style" call it "Being on the Down Low" call it "Bottoms / Tops" call it "Sodomy" call it "Buggery" call it "The Trojan Horse" call it "Intergenerational Sex" call it "Antique Dealing" call it "Apple Core Imports" call it "Chicken Hawking" call it "House of the Strong Man" call it "One of the Four Horsemans of the Apocolypse" call it "Hooking Up" call it "Linking Up" call it "Installing the Legion Mindset" call it "Black Magick" call it "A form of Mind Control" call it "Rosebud." Sometimes they call themselves "Hills"

The Hills have Eyes! (Eyes are Spirits (often part of the hierarchy of angels/demons) that latch onto people and provide the means for inner dimensional vision - seeing through the Matrix on various levels)

The name Hawkeye brings a whole new meaning knowing that the Intergenerational Pedophiles and Pederasts call themselves Chicken Hawks.

There seems to be a way that people can link up by taping the tail bone of the bottom and reverse the flow of the chi energy inside the spine. Gettting Jiggy. This reversal changes things ever so slightly that (I don't know why) allows the dominator to install an alter, a blank programable slate, a space, or software in essense that can be written to do any chain of commands and if done with a ritualistic way insert a whole family, house of generational memes that can aid and assist the being later on when necesssary. The person becomes a dummy of sorts... And the handler or programmer can tell it whever it wants it to do, commands can be given, codes can be set so that only few have access to this alter/personality and the victim....never truly knows why it does something or what is controlling them. It is the quickest way to take possession over someone. Movies refer to these events with characters that are treated as dumb or all about sex or simple minded. They can be represented as a Penguin, Little Me, Guy named Larry, Max, Joe, 404. There are many other references but the gist is... when you see these characters, they usually have been tramatized and 'specially' sodomized.

It is my opinion that sodomy is a tool for the elite to advance the network, their network and build an army but at the same time it wreaks havok on a nation. I think that Tibet and The Eastern Cultures have been using this to subdue their men. Here in America, I speculate there are more advanced methods developed recently that are more race specific and intended to wipe out certain races. Meaning, some people haven't been informed on the safe way to install the horse. Instead.... they are acting as parasitical succubi searching out ass as the spirit that now controls them prefers anal sex.

Ok enough said for today. I am wide open on what this means... I think that Sodomy is a tool of warfare and the men on the inside have been informed and have been instructed that it is necessary. "Come On" do it "Once and For All"

Catch "22" or is it "45?"

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