Saturday, June 20, 2009

Let's Look at "THE PROPOSAL"

I study movies - and have for sometime. This movie is about as "DOWN LOW OBVIOUS" as it gets. Here's the main character, played by Sandra Bullock, completely aware of the Penguin Brotherhood and doing her thing. She has found a way to reverse the typical roles and now she is the boss and she has her very own male secretary/assistant.

Due to an immigration issue, she is being threatened by being returned to Canada (Ie.. Canadians have this DownLow mastered and are very welcoming that business deal that people make to keep up the charade). She tells her boss that she and her assistant are getting married (so she can stay in New York legally). And he is only concerned about advancing his career so -- of course -- he goes along with it. He has clearly no interest in her, he sports a 'red tie' in the very scene where they make the first announcement. This is after his own shirt is covered with coffee and yelling "Come on." And he surprises her by having this wealthy family up in Alaska, which she calls the Kennedy family version but up in Alaska - which suggest nobility. We see a picture of a boat and a picture of a glacier on the wall when he runs 'up' stairs.

We even see a symbolic "eagle" swoop down for the "puppy" named Kevin which ends up stealing her cell phone.

Any case, she has to go to Alaska with him and return that final Monday to answer questions with immigration to validate their marriage and love for each other. While in Alaska, she plays the game great, as does he... and fully commits the lie they are living. We only see 'once' his struggle when he is carving out his own boat. In fact, he is given several opportunities to expose himself, come out with the truth and is even invited into the horse stables by his father and given "20 seconds" - man code... to tell the truth. He keeps up with the sham. And then at the wedding which is promply arranged by the family, she admits the truth.. because she can't keep up the charade, she says she has feelings and it seems as if he is going to have to live with the consequences... as she has come out with the truth but instead.. she takes off, he goes after her and his 90 year grandmother pretends to almost die and they take off in a plane and she then turns to him and tells him to go get the girl... they fly to the tower where her plane is going to take off and he misses it. However he goes home and catches her at work, packing up her bags because she knows she is going to be departed and he makes a big stint at work attempting to 'woo' her there and the charade continues...

It's a charade. The very end of the credits show the two on the Monday morning, visiting the deportation office being quizzed their obvious lie. People eat this crap up......

This is complete propaganda, showing those in the brotherhood to keep up with the lie no matter what! ...... to encourage them in the face of everything that points to exposing the sham, to keep up the charade so you can be a good 'stable' boy.

Check out Jennifer Aniston's recent comments about her movie history and show she says it is clear indicator as to what is going on in her life and the last statement she says she is now looking for a wealthy stable man...that is horse man....

The gig is up.....when the bible talks about horseman of the apocolpyse.. they are talking about families that build their empire within the horseplay using studs and installing legion mindsets. They prey on puppies and utilize the loyal dog

Heavy message: During credits they play out the interview being quizzed by an offscreen person about their subtle Mama Cass / Jimi Hendrix Relationship (Mama Cass was too fat for Jimi to marry for real, it was a charade)- during credits of the movie "The Proposal" the interviewer asks him who is Laura? and the main character dl man goes who? and they off camera guy goes, Laura is in behind of you, she didn't take an oath like she was suppose to. There was no Laura in the movie. That is my name and I totally get that men are purusing other men because their aren't that many Grade A, Choice Meat women around, plus there is this strange meme that seems to suggest that the women are seen as a watership, waterdoor, possibly possess the natural stargate (ie..birth canal). Regarding the name Laura and why they mention it in the movie, Is this a strange coincidence or some black majick that I just don't get yet. We'll see.

I am learning "Cant" speak now... the subcoultural language of the decieving theiving ass pirates.

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