Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Coded Messages? Where do I begin?

For the past 1.8 years, I have been researching topics that most people ignore and are pertinent to understanding the reality and "matrix" that we live in. I am now at the point where I have researched enough to feel that it is time to begin to share what I have found. I will continue to research and would love to do this research full time. Unfortanately, I cannot. But that doesn't stop my active imagination (now that I am awake) from noticing patterns and indicators that seems to point to a hidden deception (the phrase is redundant and intentional) that is quite rampant on our earth. The internet provides me the means to connect some dots. I am very careful to recgonize that the picture is so vast and comprehensive that it would be foolish to draw a picture from the dots that pop out to me, I would draw a picture of something totally different that what is. Instead I desire to draw attention to specific patterns that repeat themselves are being used by 'informed' people in Hollywood or those working in Black Ops, the Mafia, the Family, and perhaps not truly articulated in a manner that expresses the depth and immediacy of the problem that I see to others by researchers. I see a vast, hidden deception and a movement among the Brotherhood to either combat dark forces or be taken in by them. Whatever the case, more females are unaware of the movement to combat evil forces than men. I don't think they would buy into the solution being offered. And I do not think the men involved are fully aware of how thier participation truly wreaks havok on our earth. I'm talking about demonic possession and spirits that inhabit people without their knowning because they are so caught up in their own addictions to realize the addiction is the sign they are possessed. It's not as scary as one might think, It's more of a reality that we need to get real about what is going on.

First off, I am not fond of secrets! It gives one person, or a group, advantage over another by withholding information that can be used against them or leave the other ignorant. There may be many good reasons to keep a secret and I understand the power secrets hold, but when they are dangled over others as carrots or if they require an oath to learn, secrets become a device to deceive, control and reduce people to a hierarchical structure of authority. Those who join, abdicate power and submit to the system and the system will always be corrupt! We have a major secret system in our world called the Brotherhood. Secrets are the currency of this group. It is secrets at all costs... and the manipulation factor is incredible as it is a top down structure, people operate on a need to know basis and promise never to reveal what they know to anyone, not even their wife or best friend. They become the loyal dogs that are 'serius' about helping the cause. These costs are now being displayed out in front of us. What we have is a mob mentality run like the mafia, a franchise that everyone owes something to the family and you can run your little gig but you gotta pay up and you get little favors if you play along and big ones if you do some dirty deeds. The brotherhood is quite similar to the mafia! In fact, they are almost one in the same. Only the Brotherhood has a lot more uniformed bottom feeders who haven't a full clue on how to get to the top.

I don't even know how to begin as I don't know any of this,... I have read and researched and observed what I can but I am .... and I will admit... speculating. I would like to engage others in speculation and hopefully draw some connections so real researchers can take these blueprints and perhaps connect more dots!

Let's begin!

Who let the dogs out! Woof Woof!

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